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Fatal car crash kills one in West Virginia

West Virginia roads can be a dangerous place. Not only do vehicles need to watch for other cars, trucks and motorcycles but other factors such as wildlife, hazardous roadways and the weather can all play a part in an accident. Unfortunately, car accidents can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

Recently, a car accident killed one 20-year-old West Virginia woman. In this accident, the woman was driving east on I-64. While in the right hand lane, the woman hit a deer. The impact caused her car to stop. Following the accident with the deer, the woman's fiancé helped the woman exit the car. When the man went back to turn the car's emergency lights on, another car -- driven by a 37-year-old woman -- hit the first car.

This collision caused the cars to run over the first driver and hit her fiancé. Emergency crews responded to the accident, but the first driver was pronounced dead on her way to the hospital. Her fiancé was seriously injured but is expected to survive. The second driver was trapped in her car for a time but was uninjured.

Police shut down the roadway for two hours following the accident while they cleared the road and investigated the fatal car crash. At this point, it is not know why the second driver failed to avoid hitting the first car. It is possible that this driver was distracted, driving too quickly or was otherwise driving negligently. If this was the case, the woman's family may be able to file a wrongful death suit.

In this suit, the woman's family could receive compensation from the negligent driver. This compensation can never fill the void left by this woman's death, but it could give them the financial help they need to focus on grieving. This suit could help compensate the family for any loss of income, funeral expenses or medical bills caused by the accident in addition to compensating them for their pain and suffering.

Source: WOWK, "Names released in fatal Cabell County accident," Courtney Khondabi, May 28, 2013